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  • 40115-sno-gun-grease-48tubes-bowl

    Birchwood Casey SNO Universal Gun Grease

    Advanced formula protects your firearms from corrosion and wear, plus reduces friction to ensure smooth, reliable function of all moving parts. When used on a regular basis, helps your pistols, rifles, and shotguns work easier for a longer service life. Can also be used as a metal preservative when storing your firearms for extended periods of time. Simply apply liberally to metal surfaces after cleaning. Semi-clear and non-staining.
  • 20151012_102802

    Cleaning kits

    Caliber specific pistol and shotgun cleaning kits. Available in 9mm and 12-gauge
  • 20151012_102221

    G96 Nitro Solvent

    Nitro Solvent neutralizes the corrosive acid residue built up from the plastic shot shells. It quickly removes leading, powder residue and metal fouling for a sparkling clean bore.
  • 20151012_102300

    Gun socks

    Silicon treated gun sock for safe storage and protects against dirt, rust and scratches Fits all guns up to 52 inches long (unstretched, with or without scope)
  • 20151025_140754-1
    2015-10-25 14.07.12

    Otis Ripcord

    Ripcord® delivers the best one-pass cleaning for your firearm. Run it through your gun from Breech-to-Muzzle®, with no gravity feed necessary. The rigid, helix-shaped rubber core keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore, engaging the rifling for an aggressive clean. The braided Nomex® surface can take up to 700° heat, so you can clean it at the range or in the field while the barrel’s still hot. Attach a bore brush to get an even more thorough clean. It’s fast, effective and ultra-portable. - Helix-shaped rubber core maintains pressure against the barrel. - Rigid Nomex® fibers loosen and capture fouling particles. - Equipped to fit all Otis cleaning components. -Available for 9mm/.38 Special/380ACP/357 Magnum and 12 gauge
  • YOUNGS_303_GUN_O_4fc48fde3a9a8

    Parker-Hale Young’s “303” oil

    Young's 303 oil dates back to the turn of the 20th Century when it was developed by chemist and rifleman Stephen Young for sterilization and preservation of surgical equipment. Found to be more effective in cleaning and preserving gun barrels, its distinctive smell permeates gun shops and armouries around the world. It is one of the best cleaners for dissolving powder residue and will keep barrels free from rust. It is not, however, a lubricant and should not be used as such.
  • TASB-Glock-Set

    Tycoma Arms Glock trigger kit

    We put together a small kit of the bare essentials you will need to improve your stock Glock trigger. This kit consists of: - factory firing pin and spring cups with Wolff firing pin spring - polished factory "-" (minus) connector - polished and cut factory firing pin safety plunger with Wolff spring - Wolff trigger return spring We've also included: - Glock punch - Glock keychain - Glock patch